Adding another masterpiece to our collection of articles on Technology. Today, we will talk about one of the main branches of Technology. That is “Cybersecurity”. Many of the readers already know about it. And some are non-familiar to it. But after reading this piece full of information, you can discuss this topic. This is an era in which we live; it can dominated by Technology. And this also increases the importance of Cybersecurity. The importance of Cybersecurity cannot overstate.


In this era of digitalization, we all are dependent on Technology. Starting from communication to the ecommerce end to the entertainment. As everything in our lives becomes digitalized. And this also becomes our necessity for life. Those which we cannot deny. At this moment, the need for Cybersecurity also increases. And the cyber-attacks loom higher than ever before. In this article, we will delve deep into the role of Cybersecurity in our lives. Also, discuss some other aspects of Cybersecurity.

The puzzle of spelling will explained further.


  • CYBER: The word cyber is the prefix of “Cybernetics,” derived from this. This refers to the study of communication and research of control. In the start, this used for machines and animals. Over the years, this has become the part of the computer world and the digitalization.
  • SECURITY: As we all know about the well-known word security. This refers to a specific state of being free from any danger. This also includes being free from harm and risks. In the field of Technology, the word security refers to the data. As data should protected from damage and disruption. And it should prevent any unauthorized access. This is the main focus of the word Security.


When this word used together like “Cybersecurity.” It seems like an integration of Security and Technology. This single word emphasizes the intertwined meaning. That is the nature of the digital world, and to protect it. As far, our world is becoming digitalized. Many other concerns take place, like security issues. These issues can relate to any field that linked to digitalization.

  • STANDARDIZATION OF THE WORD: Many authentic sources, including dictionaries and style guides. They have already recognized this word as a single one. It will standardize the term in the field related to it.
  • CLARITY OF THE WORD: Using this word as a single one ends its ambiguity. And it simplifies the terminology. By using it as a single word, there needs to be more clarity. This word should understand further.
  • EFFICIENCY OF THE WORD: A single word is more concise in communication. Whether the communication is verbal or written. One word seems more precise. One word also saves time. And eaves the space behind. This is also very important in the fast-paced era of Technology.


There is another group that supports “Cybersecurity” as “Cyber Security”. The argument is that they are two different components. Or is Cybersecurity one word or two? It believed that using them will emphasize both words. These two aspects are crucial for the protection of digital systems.

  • FLEXIBILITY AS TWO WORDS: Using it in two words allows flexibility. It will help to emphasize two different aspects of Security. It will help in conveying the nuances. And the understanding of the meaning of the context.
  • Clarity of the meaning: Using “Cybersecurity” as two words. This makes its meaning more straightforward. This will provide details of Cybersecurity as a domain.


Cyber threats become more persistent and sober over the years. This evolution is significant in these passing years. This starts from single hackers and ends up in criminal organizations. The threat actors are always on a hunt for vulnerability. That they can exploit for their own purposes. Here, we will discuss some highlighted cyber threats.

  • BREACH OF DATA: In this, the hackers got the sensitive data. That they further expose the personal information of someone. And also revealing the secrets of trades.
  • EXPLOITATION OF ZERO DAYS: Before the release of patches by developers, hackers take advantage. This happens due to the undiscovered problems in the hardware and software.
  • MALICIOUS SOFTWARE: Malware, like any errors, Trojans, and viruses. They often infect the software, which results in disruption of operations. These infections can also result in the stealing of sensitive and essential data.
  • TREATS BY INSIDERS: The act of negligence by any employee or a worker. It can result in serious security threats to the whole organization. And this happens within the organization.
  • ATTACKS OF PHISHING: These are the kinds of attacks that it poses like an authentic entity. This tricks the users, and they reveal their personal information. As they are not intended to do so. This can also pose login credentials for messages, emails, and websites.
  • APT’S: This is the abbreviation of “Advanced Persistent Threats”. These attacks done by the non-state actors. They have their proper motive behind it. They are long-term attacks. Also, their targets are very high.
  • DDoS ATTACKS: This abbreviated as “Distributed Denial of Service” Attacks. The main target of these attacks is a website with high traffic. To overwhelm the capacity of the website. And to make it inaccessible.


The results of cyberattacks can create considerable destruction. They can have a profound impact on nations. It does not affect a single individual. It can destroy the whole organization for its horrifying consequences.


To avoid all these matters. Organizations and individuals should use proper cybersecurity measures. They should adopt the steps to prevent any cyberattack. And to avoid its consequences on any level. Yet, it is at the individual level, organizational level, or national level.



In this digitalizing world, Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. As long as Technology succeeds, the tactics of criminals increase. To avoid these crimes, prioritizing Cybersecurity is a must on every level. Best practices should adopted by everyone. We can ensure a secure and safe digital environment by using Cybersecurity. And by avoiding any inconvenience in the digital world. For more informative articles regarding Technology, Click here.


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