How to use digital marketing for home services

Home services marketing puts electricians, plumbers, gardeners, and other service providers in front of the people they want to hire. Home services companies can do this by using the best and most effective marketing strategies to promote their services in a number of different ways.

Why digital marketing for home services is important for businesses?

Digital marketing for home services is one of the best ways for businesses in this field to get their name out there. Here are some reasons they should use it to bring in new customers:

  • A less expensive way to get more homeowners to know about your business and raise knowledge of your brand.
  • With the information you post online, you can get people to follow you and stay loyal.
  • Better reach out to old fans and get them to buy from you again.
  • Being able to see and change the campaign’s results in real time lets you make changes as needed.

14 Digital marketing for home services strategies, Ideas, and Tips:

You can use the best digital marketing strategies listed below to make your digital marketing efforts as a home services provider work. Pick the ones that work best for you to get new people for your small business.

1. Figure out who you want to reach:

Figuring out who you want to reach with your ads is the most important part of a digital marketing plan. By knowing their demographics, you can make campaigns that are more relevant to them and make marketing tools that appeal to them.

You can build your brand personality when you have a clear idea of who you want to reach. Make a logo with colors and styles that best show what your business is about. This will help you get the right people to come in. Then, using your brand in all of your online efforts will help you create a unified online presence that will help you get better leads.

2. Give great service to clients:

Taking a personalized and customer-centered approach will help you build ties with them that last. This makes them think of your services first if they have the same home problems again.

First, teach your employees how to answer customer texts right away with helpful answers. You can also find ways to improve the performance of your support team by asking for feedback through polls. Your customers will have an even better time with these.

3. Make a profile for your business on Google:

GBP, which used to be called Google My Business, helps your business show up more in local search results, especially in the local 3-pack. Claim your business page (or make a new one if it isn’t already there) and make it as good as it can be by adding your NAP (name, address, phone number), description, website, and other details. Along with text, you can add pictures of your business, office, and workers to your profile.

Listed below are some of the things that people have said about. Get more real customer reviews, preferably good ones, to help your area rankings. Also, keep your profile up to date with posts about your business, like new services, planned events, and deals.

4. Spend money on local SEO:

On top of your Google Business Profile, you need to make local listings using the NAP you listed in your GBP. This helps build your NAP online and lets Google show people the right details about your services. In line with this, change any business listings that have wrong NAP information to the right ones.

You might also want to add your home service business to area online directories such as Angi and Yelp. You can make sure that your NAP is consistent, and you can also build local backlinks that will help your local results even more.

5. Take care of your social media accounts:

Creating and implementing a social media marketing plan can help you get more attention on the social networks you choose. So, you need to choose which social media sites you want to focus on. It makes sense to pick Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, since most of your possible customers already have accounts there.

Now is the time to make a plan for your social media work and stick to it. Some strategies to think about are constantly posting about your business, interacting with other users, and reaching out to your target audience. You can get more people to follow you on social media if you do it right. Some of them might become buyers in the future.

6. Make a home service website that is easy for people to use:

Part of making a good impact on your target audience is having a website design that looks professional and fits your business well. Part two is about making your site as simple to use and navigate as possible.

First, it needs to load quickly so people don’t leave your site. The site also needs to have responsive web design, which lets users see its content in the best way for their screen size. Use Google Page Speed Insights to check your website and get ideas on how to make it easier for people to use.

  • There are a lot of people who want to know more about. Offer rewards for customer reviews.

You can offer discounts and other benefits to customers who leave reviews on Google or Next-door about your business. But using good reviews that you pay for as a strategy could hurt your business. In this case, let customers know about the reward and remind them they need to leave a real review.

Even if someone says something bad about you online, you should respond politely and offer a solution. The number of testimonials you have and how you respond to negative reviews can help your online image and word-of-mouth marketing. This can help you get more referrals and keep more customers.

7. Put up pay-per-click ads:

You can use pay-per-click (PPC) promotion for your home services business in a lot of different ways. You can start with Google Ads, which show up before natural search results and might get you more clicks (CTRs). The other is ads on the social media sites you choose. They will show up in the news feeds of the people you want to reach.

It’s best to let a PPC agency handle this, no matter what kind of ad you have or what site you use. Its team will write and design your ads, handle your budget, and make changes to the campaign at the last minute to get the best return on investment (ROI).

8. Try out ads for local services:

“Google Guaranteed” ads called LSAs show up above paid ads in search results. There are a lot of steps needed to get this type of ad because it has the best placement on Google Search. In order for Google to verify your local business, you need to handle your profile, set a budget, and get reviews from people in your area.

Like with paid ads, the best thing to do with your LSAs is to hand them over to a professional. You’ll only have to worry about the good leads the ads bring you and how much money you’ll spend on the campaign based on how well it does.

9. Add backlinks from trustworthy sources:

It could take a while for search engines to notice the changes you make to your SEO. Building links from other good websites to yours can speed up the process and possibly raise your site’s search scores, which can help you get new leads. You can use Ahrefs to see these sites’ high Domain Rating (DR) numbers and see that they get a lot of free traffic every month.

You can also look at the backlink profiles of your rivals to find possible link partners. Look at the sites that link to your rival and sort them by DR. Now look at how the best sites link to a site that is similar to yours. Then, when you start building links again, do the same thing.

10. Spend money on video advertising:

As a part of your home services marketing plan, you can also make videos for your business. You can make a YouTube account where you share home improvement tips with people who are interested in them. Videos, on the other hand, show how to do something, which makes it easier for people to understand what you’re saying.

To help build your business, you can also put videos on your website. movies like explainer and branding movies tell people about your business and why you’re doing it. Making films of customer testimonials is another way to show that your services work.

11. Do some email marketing:

As part of this marketing plan, you can set up a method on your website that will help you get new customers. Put up contact forms on your website so they can sign up to get in touch with you and get deals on your services sent right to their inbox. These should make them want to take advantage of your deal and buy from you right away.

If you have an email list, you can also divide your customers into groups and send them different emails. Send out drip emails to past clients that will make them want to hire you again.

12. Make text message campaigns:

Besides emails, you can also use SMS messages to get leads and old users to become clients. Getting their phone numbers with their permission is very important here. Make them put their phone numbers on your sign-up forms or ask them for them when they fill out their client information.

After this, use marketing tools to divide your list into groups based on where each person is in the sales process. Then make customized SMS ads for each one that work best on their phone. The last step is to send out the ads and keep an eye on how each one is doing.

13. Advertise and market your business offline:

Even though digital marketing has its benefits, home service workers still do great marketing in person. Branding their vehicles is one way to turn them into moving billboards, which is especially helpful if they move a lot and serve clients in the same place.

Another way to get the word out about their services is to hand out flyers and handouts in the places they serve. Some even go to or host local events connected to their field to meet other professionals and work together. If you use any of these strategies in your marketing plan, it might work out well for your business.

14. Offer special deals during busy times:

Use what your customers usually buy around holidays and other special times to boost your sales. Look at the calendar to see when people want your services. Then run sales by giving deals or bundling your services together and charging a lot less for them. These things might make people want to buy from your business instead of your rivals.

Use your marketing channels to let your followers and website users know about your deals. You can even pay for ads to get more people to see them and improve your chances of getting more clients.

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